My name is Dirk Anselmann and I am from Heidelberg, small historical city in Germany. Already at a young age have I developed love towards craftsmanship. Therefore my life course has taken me in that direction and am now skilled ‘Zimmermann’ – an old profession in Germany, whose specialty is woodworking and building/constructing.
Throughout my education in ‘Zimmermann’ I have never wanted to tie myself down to one subject area, so I have also started to restore old furniture. I am a big fan of recycling, which for me represents a creative challenge to make and to find a new purpose to old and abandoned items.
I am always motivated to learn and try new things and to develop my own style as well as my own products.
My specialty is wood, but I have also fallen in love with blacksmithery thanks to my dear friend, the best blacksmith I have known, who also was my mentor. Aside from wood working I am forging and making unique custom knives of all sorts, axes and other tools.

I am looking forward for both small and big projects in the future, given that they bring challenge and diversification while working on them.
Thank you for visiting my page! I will let you now dive in my gallery and when you find your perfect match- write to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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