my Projects


Location: Prugovo, Croatia. This traditional dalmatian family house needed some remodeling to bring its shine back as well as to bring it into use. So, I’ve got my hands into this fun project and slowly it is getting its shape back. Stay tuned for the final result, because it will be amazing!

Old 'konoba' renovation

Location: Marina, Croatia.  Renovation of a traditional dalmatian ‘konoba’ in Marina. It was not used for years and finally the owner decided to bring it back to life. It was fun little project to do and finally the ‘konoba’ has its purpose again. 

production hall

Location: Dugopolje, Croatia. I had an opportunity to remodel this huge hall into a future production hall. Aside of cleaning and ripping all apart what is not necessary, the iron work was my main task: 

I will just say – there was a looot of welding! 


Location: Heidelberg, Germany. I was asked to build an extra room, namely sleeping room, onto this existing garden cabin. This was a fun little project and hearing that the customer was really happy about it and enjoying their time in this cabin made this all worth it!

Traditional croatian stone wall

Location: Split, Croatia. If you’ve ever visited the beautiful Adriatic coast in Croatia, you must have noticed stone walls on the hills and just pretty much everywhere.  The special thing about them is that they are handmade without mortar to hold the stones in place. ­Instead, they were stacked stone by stone to fit like puzzle pieces. This technique is thousands of years old.

However, as you can see I am not doing it the traditional way. The reason is that I need this wall to be a pretty solid and strong base, cause I will be building a wall on top of this one. My goal is to build a fence around my whole property: 80cm stone wall and 60cm iron fence. 

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